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                                                      THERMAL AND DYNAMIC CHARACTERISTICS                                                               OF INITIAL PART OF VERTICAL LOW-SPEED JET IN A CROSS FLOW 


Dobroselsky Konstantin Gennadyevich, Senior staff scientist, Institute of thermal physics named after S.S. Kutateladze of the Siberian department of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Novosibirsk),

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The author has tested an influence of a turbulent flow on a normally injected low-speed axially symmetric jet. The article shows the obtained empirical dependences describing the geometry of the jet axis in a transversal airflow. The researcher states that the lines of maximum temperature and velocity do not coincide; the thermal axis lies lower than the dynamic axis. The obtained empirical dependencies describe the geometry of dynamic and thermal boundary layers of a jet in a cross flow. 

Key words

jet, flow, jet axis, jet geometry, boundary layer. 

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